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Cesar Vargas is the author of the book Your Life Is Your Masterpiece, Practical Tips to Design Your Own Life with Purpose.

cesar vargas

He holds a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Masters Degree in Education, with an Emphasis in Crosscultural Teaching, and a Specialization in Educational Technology, and Bachelor's Degrees in Behavioral Science and in Business Administration.

On the Personal Development side, he is a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Master Hypnotist, a Trainer of TIME Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Coaching, and a plethora of certifications and trainings, from Theta Healing, Energy Work, Public Speaking, is even an Ordained Minister, Past Life Regression Specialist, Ho 'Oponopono, and a LONG list of qualifications, too numerous to mention.

His philosophy is this: Learn the Theories... Master the Techniques; but when you're doing The Work, JUST CONNECT with the soul that's before you.

This philosophy has served him well, and in between projects, both local, national and international, training and speaking engagements, and select translation projects, he has a thriving practice with select clients in Orange County, California. If you would like tofind out if you're a good candidate for his Coaching and Healing program, check out MenteInc.com

He is the Translator of the Spanish version of this book, Tu Vida Es Tu Obra Maestra, as well as Joe Vitale's Mercadotecnia Espiritual, Karol K. Truman's Los Sentimientos Que Se Entierran Con Vida, Nunca Mueren, Wallace D. Wattles' La Ciencia de Hacerse Rico, James Ray's La Ciencia del Éxito and Espiritualidad Práctica, and Bart Baggett's Secretos del Éxito de los Ricos y Felices.

Cesar has co-authored Descubre TU Grandeza, UnStuck: The Owners Manual for Success, and the Spanish version of that, Desatascado: Manual del Propietario para el Éxito, as well as Coordinated the Biography of Lucha Reyes, the Mexican Music Queen.

He has been an expert guest to TV and Radio programs on the topics of his books, NLP, Hypnosis, Success, etc. For interesting news angles about THIS topic, please check out the Media Resources link on the left.

For more information about Dr. Cesar, visit one of his main websites: DoctorCesar.com.

Please continue exploring this site, and check out the many ways you can improve your life, with purpose.

In Profound Gratitude,

Dr. César Vargas
Creator of Design Your Life As Your Masterpiece(C)
Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & TIME Techniques




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