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This is the intro and first chapter of the book Your Life Is Your Masterpiece, Practical Tips to Design Your Own Life with Purpose, with a link to the CreateSpace store.

Your Life Is Your Masterpiece


      The Beginning of my Journey of this Book
      NLP to Sculpt Your Life
      An Investment that will Pay Big Dividends
      The Key to Your Success
      Your Life Is Your Masterpiece
Your Masterpiece
      Be At Cause
      Being At Effect Is No Way to Be
      Live At Cause
      I’m Not Perfect
      Make EVERY Experience a Successful One — Even a “Failure”
      Stay Away from this Disempowering Way to Live
      The Key to a Satisfying Life
      Who Are You? - Your First Exercise
Your brain is a womb-to-tomb learning machine
      How We Learn
      Positive vs. Negative Self-Talk
      Meet Mr. Babble
      How You Build Your Destiny
Mental filters: deletions, distortions, generalizations, maps of the world
      Our View of the World Is Unique to Us
      Some Meta-Programs
      Emotional Reasoning
      ‘Should’ Statements
      Labeling and Mislabeling
Prime directives of the unconscious mind
      The Mind’s Main Jobs
            The Habit Generator
            The Symbolic Language of the Mind
            The Principle of Least Effort
            Do NOT Use Negative Language
NLP Presuppositions
      Respect the Other Person’s Model of the World
      Deal with Behavior and Change in Terms of Context and Ecology
      Resistance is a Sign of Lack of Rapport
      People Are Not their Behaviors
      Focus on Behavior
      The Map Is Not the Territory
      All Procedures Should Increase Wholeness
      There Is No Failure, Only Feedback
      The Meaning of Communication Is the Response that You Get
      People Have All the Resources They Need
      You Are in Charge of Your Mind, and therefore Your Results
Perception is projection
      We Project Our Most Hidden Thoughts and Beliefs Unto Others
      Our Beliefs (Especially Deep Beliefs) Become Our Reality
      A Prerequisite for Influencing Others
      What to Watch Out for to Become a Successful NLP Practitioner
S. M. A. R. T. Goals
      Set Your Goals According to How Your Mind Works
      S.M.A.R.T. Goals
            Specific / Simple
            Measurable / Meaningful to You
            Achievable / As if Now / All Areas of Your Life
            Realistic / Responsible (Ecological)
            Time-Specific / Toward What You Want
      Decide Who You Want to Be
      Are You At Cause or At Effect?
Happiness from within
      The Source of Happiness
      Thoughts On Happiness
      Do You Need a Reason to Be Happy?
Include all areas of your life
      Who Are You, Really?
      Your Many Roles
      Balance Is Bogus; Harmony Is Happiness
      Intentional Emotion vs. Outer Drama
      Your Life Board
What stops you from being there now?
      Lance Armstrong’s Story (and Attitude) of Letting Go
      What Baggage is Weighing You Down?
      Clear Negativity from the Past
      Make a List of All the Incomplete Things In Your Life
      What Prevents You from Living the Life that You Want Now?
      Is There a Part of You that Doesn’t Want This to Happen?
      Clear Limiting Decisions
      Parts Integration
Pain vs. pleasure
      The Greatest Catalyst for Change
      The Dickens Pattern
      A New Perspective and a New Result
You have strategies
      Our Mind Programs
      Strategies Are the Key to Successful Relationships
      Know Your Strategies to Create Your Life
Love strategy
      Creating Empowering Anchors
      Types of Anchors
      Some Examples of Anchors in Our Lives
So, how are you doing? – ready, fire, aim
      A Better Approach to Trial and Error
      ‘Failure’ Means You Can Adjust and Improve
      Get Rid of Fear of Failure Now
      A Summary of ‘Your Life Is Your Masterpiece’
About the author
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Some time ago, I was listening to Joe Vitale’s Clearing Audio program, part of which are some affirmations set to trance-inducing music, which help you shape a new way of thinking and clear away disempowering beliefs about yourself, your life, and the way you see things in general.

I have followed Joe’s work, from The Power of Outrageous Marketing, to all of the Hypnotic Writing series to his latest (at the time of this writing) The Awakening Course. I love the way he gives freely from his own experience; so much so that I offered to translate into Spanish his Spiritual Marketing book, which then evolved into The Attractor Factor.

As I was listening to this Clearing Audio, one particular phrase resonated with me... it seemed as though this phrase just jumped straight out of the CD player and into the very core of my being. The phrase was “You are the Michelangelo of your own life; the David you’re sculpting is you.”

It’s profound, isn’t it? Think about it!

EVERYTHING we do (or don’t do) in our lives, every moment of every day, with every decision we make, we are creating... no... we are SCULPTING our own life.

As a successful Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, people often come to me and say, “I realize I can create my own reality and be in control of my own mind, but HOW do I do it?”

The answer is in this book.

When you realize that YOU and only you have control of your life, the next question is obvious: HOW?

Do you have a couple of hours to invest so you can design the life of your dreams? I’m absolutely positive that, no matter who you are or where you are, I can teach you how you can have exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it – or something even better than you thought possible.

How can I be so certain that this can be done?

It’s simple. It’s a matter of learning about your mind, how it works, and using a simple method to make that amazing machine do everything you want it to do to give you a life that you love, a life that you yourself define.

You might wonder how anyone can know for sure that it can work for him or her. To put it simply, if you can read these words, the process will work for you, because we all have a brain; and that’s what we’re going to talk about and help you communicate with. Even if we don’t know each other personally, this I can tell you: We all have a mind, and if we knew that it’s just like a computer ready for you to program your life into it using your own design talents, you’d understand that you are the programmer of your life. Maybe you ought to get some training so that the computer does exactly and predictably what you want it to do. Being that we agree now that Your Life Is Your Masterpiece, in order to get you the best art training, and the largest painter pallet and the widest variety of brushes you can have, so that you CREATE YOUR MASTERPIECE in marvelous and amazing ways, you must learn the techniques.

We are all unique human beings, carrying our own hopes and dreams. Along with them are your own fears and self-driven limitations. They trap your own magnificent potential, not allowing it to surface and contribute your beauty to the world.
As researchers and technicians of Neuro-Linguistic Programming—that’s a specific language; the language that the brain understands and responds to—we know that all humans share common traits and have similar ways of thinking (or processing information) that are preset in our brains; just like when you buy a new computer, it comes equipped with an operating system. This is called programmed by default... and you didn’t even see it coming or agree to its content.

I know that you’ve had hopes and dreams, and that you would really love to get started on making them a reality for you. So let’s get started in teaching you how you can create the life you want, by using life design methods that I will teach you when we meet, or you can start through these pages.

Starting right now, I am going to teach you how to create that life you would design if you knew how. And you will learn and begin to do it for yourself starting right now.

One client said to me at the conclusion of our second session (which was about clearing away the past negative memories), where we installed a few new beliefs, “You’ve made me a very happy woman.”

Truly, she did all the work, because I simply guided her through a process, a means to have a realization and accept a new belief. Her happy, true, inner-self had been hiding for so long, under protective and self-limiting layers of fears and beliefs that were so outdated and no longer served her in life; she was able to discover her true happiness that she had always been hiding within.

Realistically, in the next couple of hours of reading and doing these simple life-changing exercises, you’ll learn a tremendous amount. It may not magically change your life. But, what you do with the information that you’ll learn in these few hours will make you a happier, healthier, even wealthier human being in so many ways.

You can truly get started in Sculpting your Life into Your Masterpiece.

In the next couple of hours you’ll discover the right highway to take to get you to your destination. And if you need a little assistance along your pathway to greatness, simply contact us at the website below and either I or one of my hand-picked associates will guide you through the steps that you need to take, in order to attain the realization of your magnificent potential. In a couple of hours you will know how your mind works, and how you can begin now to Create Your Masterpiece. In the simplest language, and the most effective way, you’ll learn this amazing mind training skill.

I wish for you many creative and powerful sessions!
Remember that YOU are the Michelangelo of your own life; the David you’re sculpting is YOU.

Cesar Vargas, Ph.D.
Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy


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