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In this page, we'll share with you the dates and locations of presentations and workshops of the book Your Life Is Your Masterpiece, Practical Tips to Design Your Own Life with Purpose.

We're working on scheduling those dates.

If you would like to influence our schedule closer to your location, and have a group of people who are interested in this type of experience please let us know.

Thank you for visiting this site. We trust you'll love it. Check out the different resources available now, and check back soon as we upload more info about how YOU can take your life to a higher level of existence.

You can see a preview of the book here, and by clicking on the "excerpt" link on the left, and when you're ready to purchase your own copy and start designing Your Life As Your Own Masterpiece, click here.

Now you can explore this site, and check out the many ways you can improve your life, with purpose.

In Profound Gratitude,

Dr. César Vargas
Creator of Design Your Life As Your Masterpiece(C)
Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & TIME Techniques

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You've read the book (or you're about to), now click here to find out when the next Design Your Life As Your Masterpiece LIVE Weekend Workshop will take place in your area.

Contact one of Dr. Cesar's coaches to ask your question about designing your life as your masterpiece. Click here now!

Be sure to RSVP for The Official Book Launch of the book Your Life Is Your Masterpiece. Email here to be notified.